Trust Me with YOUR Baby


Here’s love for a manuscript by Ma’ayan Simon of Unshame Pain.

As an editor, new authors trust me with their tenderest treasures–manuscripts of books yet to be. When I love them, I say so! (And I know better than to work on books I don’t love.)

My soul-colleague Ma’ayan Simon of Unshame Pain has a book that will rock the worldHere is a lovely shout-out Ma’ayan gave about her experience sharing her treasured early manuscript with me for a reading:

After deciding to take winter quarter off from school, I reached a huge milestone in April – I completed a [super rough] draft of my book about pain as a social justice issue!I proudly sent it to my first ever reader, my dear and brilliant friend (and developmental editor, among many other aptitudes) Beth Raps. It was so exciting to share my “baby” for the first time (years in the making… and counting) and to receive wonderful feedback.

I was very touched. And I’d love to touch your manuscript, so send it to me and I’ll let you know what I think, honestly. (And always lovingly.)

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